Webinars! offers three different webinars. Our Basics Webinar is designed for teachers who are new to, with limited experience in using our online lesson planner. Our Advanced Webinar is designed for teachers who are comfortable with the basics of, and are looking for guidance on some of our more advanced functionality (sharing, templates, standards reporting, etc.) Our Administrator Webinar is for school and district administrators, to learn how to view and manage teacher and school accounts. In all webinars, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions real time to our presenter and support team via a chat window.

To view a previously recorded webinar covering both basic and advanced features, click here.

Basics Webinar

  • Overview - What all those buttons do...
  • Account, Support, Feedback, Notes
  • School Year, Classes, Lessons, Events
  • Display Settings, Views, Navigation
  • Add new Year, Switch Years

Basics Sessions

None Scheduled

Advanced Webinar

  • Sharing with Students
  • Sharing with Teachers
  • Standards Reporting
  • Class Templates
  • My List, My Strategies

Advanced Sessions

None Scheduled

Administrator Webinar

  • Viewing teacher plans
  • Adding school events
  • Standards Reporting
  • Creating lesson layouts
  • Adding/removing teachers
  • School List, School Strategies

Administrator Sessions

None Scheduled